Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY or Die Skelevex - DMS x Alto

SO I procrastinated all weekend & completely forgot to blog. MY inability to take a decent photo of white toys also delayed me. Finally ready to share one of my new toys, the DIY or Die Skelevex by DMS x Alto. It's my first skull toy & so tiny I can fit it on my newly painted display box, which is convenient.

Only 2.5inches tall & cast from resin, a wonderfully sturdy, yet small toy. I'm seriously considering ordering a few more to play around with, see what kind of custom creation I could come up with. Beside the fact I'm indulging in a bit of artwork lately, these can also be stacked, which I find insanely tempting!

I'm hoping to one day hunt down the 'Black Death' skelevex as well. Tragically it was limited to 20, so it's pretty unlikely I'll ever achieve that goal. In the meantime however, I'm quite happy. A lovely little addition to my collection. Expect many more skull toys in the future!

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