Monday, August 19, 2013

Rottweiler Herpes - Johnny Ryan

Ordered my first Rottweiler Herpes recently(planning to buy another soon), it arrived today. Absolutely brilliant toy, the embodiment of Johnny Ryans infamous villain(hence the swastika) from his Prison Pit comic. I picked up the first colourway from Monster Worship. One of there SDCC 2012 releases. They have all 4 colours of Rottweiler Herpes currently available(amongst many other brilliant characters).

I'm just in awe over this toy. It's an absolutely epic addition to my collection. I really hope I manage to acquire at least one more before they all sell out.

I'd like to point out I haven't actually read the Prison Pit comic(though I was aware of Johnny Ryans art). I plan on buying the 4 issues available & give the toy some context, but what initially attracted me to the toy was it's socially unacceptable nature. Expect more offensive, controversial or just plan crazy toys in the future. I have issues(many) & like to try & express myself with the things I own, being offensive just happens to be part of that.

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