Friday, August 30, 2013

Tooth Decay - Creo Design - Gloss White

I recently blogged about Creo Designs latest creation 'Tooth Decay' & my concerns that I would never own one. As luck would have it, I did get one(limited to 9). Mine arrived this morning(thank you Mr. UPS man) & I think it's officially my new favourite art figure.
I love that Chris Alexander took the time to stencil the boxes he shipped the figures in. He also produced little Certificates of authenticity for these series. Mine is 7 of 9, for anyone who was interested.

It's a truly stunning piece, so much prettier in real life, then in my photos. It stands at 7inches & it truly shows it's size, it's surprisingly heavy. Buyers had a huge selection of colours to choose from, I settled on gloss white with a black tooth. Quite happy with my colour choices, it'll make a beautiful statement piece when I get my new desk to display it on. For now, it sits with my horror toys on my bookshelf glaring at me for a more central display location.

I think I may have become a little Creo-obsessed. I hope everyone is incredibly jealous of my latest acquistion & expect more Creo Designs toys to be added to my collection in the near future. Tragically, I have a new monetary obligations over the next few weeks, so my toy purchases will be greatly diminished for a while.

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