Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Animal People - Konosuke Chishima

I've recently developed an obsession with Japanese toys(can you blame me?), so ordered a few over the last couple of weeks. Stumbled across Rampage Toys during my hunt, who stock many fantastic kaiju, sofubi & keshi toys. This is where I found, what are probably the cutest toys I've ever laid my eyes on. Animal People(Doubutsu Ningen) by Konosuke Chishima.
Jon Malmstedt from Rampage Toys met Konosuke at Design Festa 37 & grabbed a small supply of these adorable little keshi. They come in five variations, bear, chicken, koala, octopus or shark. They're less then 2inches tall & beautifully simplistic, but affective.

(image from Rampage Toys)

Tragically I was only able to get four out of the set. The shark version has sold out. I'll be keeping my eyes open in the hope of finding one in the future.
I personally adore the octopus version though, it screams 'Cthulhu' to me. It amuses me greatly. Also, how adorable are those little header card? I mean seriously, they were the decision maker for me, love cute packaging.

Hopefully I'll be buying a few small display boxes to randomly place around my home soon. That's where I plan to put these little guys & other potential Rampage purchases. I'm incredibly tempted by their Ugly Unicorn keshi, it's so tiny & kitschy. It even comes in a custom box, there's nothing cuter & more ridiculous then a 1inch toy in it's own display box. I shall order myself one or two in the near future!

(image from Rampage Toys)

I look forward to seeing future work by Konosuke Chishima & will of course, maintain a long-term obsession with Rampage Toys. Always love a touch of 'tiny & sickenly cute' around my home now & then.

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