Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cuddlehard - Submission edition

Thanks to man-e-toys I recently stumbled across a very awesome keshi toy recently. A limited edition version of turboPISTOLAs 'Cuddlehard' figure, the Submission Edition.

Limited to 15 & blind-bagged. Each comes outfitted with ball gags that have little leather straps & metal studs. Available in either purple(10/15), Pink(2/15), Black(2/15) & one mystery colour. Each comes with a silver on black block print & custom header card. I received the purple version.

I'm quite happy with this toy, it's rather unique. A rather fantastic addition to my keshi collection & a nice touch of 'bondage' for my shelves(expect more of that in the future!). Now I just need to find something appropriate to display the print in. Why are all my art pieces cumbersome sizes?

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