Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red QiQi - Ziqi x Creo Design

During my recent toy shopping binge, I decided to acquire a couple of toys from Creo Designs. As much as I love punk, gore, horror, surrealism etc. in the toys I buy, I'm also attracted to, what I can only describe as 'sickeningly cute' toys. As a result, I simply couldn't say no to the Ziqi x Creo Design toy collaboration, QiQi.

I got both of the red versions(tragically the black one was sold out, I'm planning to hunt for one on eBay soon). Original Red, limited to 450pc & the Gloss Red, limited to 200pc. They're only 3inches tall & absolutely adorable with their oversized heads. There's still a few available(on sale) in the Creo Design store. Very low price for something so limited & mine arrived within 6days of making the order(crazy fast shipping).

It's always great to pick up something so cute for my collection. Hopefully I'll have somewhere appropriate to display them soon. I really need to stop buying toys & maybe buy a few new pieces of furniture. The endless space restriction of the collector. First-world problems are such an annoyance. Of course, even with my space issues, I'm sitting here considering future purchases from the Creo Design store. I recommend checking it out. It's full of cuteness & sometimes, something a little creepy(as the Tooth Decay piece I blogged about recently would suggest). Definitely my kind of toys.

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