Thursday, October 3, 2013

Big T + Little C + Barry - BFFS Series 2 - Travis Cain

Ok, I've had a pretty bad week, so I wanted to leave this blog until my mood was a little better. I had a theft incident earlier this week, a man walked into my home & stole my bag. Now, generally this wouldn't be a problem, except that my bag was covered in 17years of badges I'd collected & keychains, patches etc. The sentimental loss is overwhelming. Mostly, I've been trying not to think about it.
So, to move on to better subject, lets continue with my tooth obsession. As I've mentioned before, I have serious issues with the dental industry, dental hygiene, just teeth in general. As a result, I feel the need to portray that aspect of myself through at least a small portion of my toy shopping. So I went hunting & I found Travis Cain. His toys are adorable! There are a few pieces from his BFFS series that I'd love to acquire, but the teeth took priority. Big T is just the most adorable little tooth ever!

So I browsed on ebay & found a Big T + Little C + Barry for myself. Nothing cuter then a tooth decayed by candy corn!
There are other Travis Cain toys I want(including another tooth), mostly the ones that relate to me(coffee, lungs etc), but I'm just glad to have another tooth to sit amongst my other toys.

Just another small addition to my collection. I'm in the process of trying to save for a couple of larger toys, so my purchases have been a little slow lately. I am, however, trying to buy reasonably regularly, mostly for the benefit of my readers. Always more I want & I always find a way to justify spending the money! This week, I only have one more toy to share with you all. Hopefully this 'lull' won't be long-lived. Maybe next week I'll share a few things I 'want' instead of things I 'have'!

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