Monday, October 14, 2013

PEZ & Other Things

So, as you may or may not know, I also collect PEZ. I recently received an order of them(plan to take a break from PEZ shopping for a while now) & just thought I'd share a photo with you all(apologies for my carpet, apparently it looks even worse in photos then in real life).

Not a bad addition to my collection, pretty sure I'm all caught up with my Star Wars PEZ now, so that's nice. The barbie boxset is a little outside of my taste, but I really hate falling too far behind on boxsets & I figured if I was getting the KISS one, might as well just get both! Of course, it's taken me about 3days to clean & reorganise my PEZ collection. Still got another 20 or so ninja turtle PEZ to set up. It's such a tedious process.

Besides PEZ I haven't received anything new for a week or so(waiting on a few items however). So I thought I'd share one of the items I wish I could buy right now.
Scott Wilkowskis AlphaInvader & MicroInfection set.

For only $40, a beautiful set. I've heard that Wilkowskis smaller work is hard to find once it sells out, so I'm hoping I can pull the funds together soon(really sick of saving) before they sell out.

I have a few other 'wants' I may share in the future, but hopefully I'll have a few new toys in my own collection to share in the coming weeks. As always, apologies for being such a terrible procrastinator when it comes to my blog(& most other aspects of my life), it's been a 'lazy week' in my world.

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