Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gloss-Black & Gloss-White QiQi - Ziqi x Creo Design

Thanks to my persistence(perhaps a better word is 'harassment'?) I have two new toys I'm very proud to own. Due to my insane obsession with Creo Design & Ziqi(monster Little) I took it upon myself to see if I could hunt down more versions of QiQi. Searching through photos I learned there was at least two more versions(I already owned 3). So I contacted Creo Design(I had been communicating... or harassing Chris since he made Tooth Decay) asking if he was able to source my sought-for QiQi's. Chris suggested I contact Ziqi directly. I'm a little nervous about contacting new people, but the search for epic cuteness pushed me to write to them.
I was in luck, Ziqi thought they may have one or two hiding around. Happy to say, they managed to find two blanks for me, one gloss-black & one gloss-white.

I didn't even know a blank-black version existed, so think of my joy from this news! Two more QiQi for my 'army of cute'. Still one more QiQi to hunt for, the black & silver version. One day my army shall be complete!
The black one is beautiful, can't explain it, but there's something about the texture of the toy that just makes it shine is a unique way. The white one is almost pearlescent, very unexpected. They look beautiful next to each other, hopefully I'll have a little display tank for them soon.

So happy to have made a new artist friend & about successfully acquiring new 'cute' for my shelves. I'm simply loving Facebook lately, helping me meet new, artistically inclined, people. It helps motivate & inspire me & gives me like-minded people to communicate with.

A side note on 'shelves'. Only another week or two until I'll have my new desk. I will share photos once it's all set up. I'm hoping to dedicate at least two shelves to toys over time, but we'll see how things go. The QiQi army however, will most definitely be making it onto my new shelves!

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