Saturday, October 5, 2013

Child’s Play 2 - Horror Be@rbrick - Series 25

I just remembered I have another toy I'd forgotten to blog about. I'm planning to buy a display for be@rbricks soon, as a result it occurred to me I should actually buy a few more. So, the first one I've acquired is the Child's Play 2 release(there's also a 400% version & a variant).

Not the most unique be@rbrick available, but only the first of many(I already have the two Giger 100% ones, but they have their own display boxes). Hopefully by the time I buy the display for them, I have a few more & taking a photo is worth it. For now, at least I've made a start, as it's ridiculous how many be@rbricks I want(mostly film focused ones).

Not a bad starter-bear. He was extremely cheap, which is why I bought him(just happened to have a spare $10 at the time). Hopefully I'll be picking up another few cheaper ones soon, though I'm sure I'll share them here to let you know, when the time comes.
Again, just a warning that my funds are a little low at the moment, so new toy posts might be a little rare for a while. I'm planning to do a few 'things I want' blogs in the near future, keep you all entertained while I'm poor.

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