Friday, October 18, 2013

Slumber x Creo Design - SlumberBean

Just heard about a fantastic upcoming toy release. A collaboration between Slumber & Creo Design, the SlumberBean 'Flavour Friends' are absolutely adorable in my opinion. Cast from Creo Design's unique PU resin, they are 5inches tall & limited to 20 per colour. The first edition 'Original Flavour'(red) will be released on Friday 01.11.2013 at mid day GMT from for £30 Excluding shipping.

SlumberBean was originally created by illustrator Sam Hadley, also known as Slumber in 2010.
The Slumberbean already stars in a series of illustrated prints but now he's ready to snooze around your home in a new limited series of Art Figures called 'Flavour Friends'. SlumberBean features in the Pictoplasma Character Compendium, and has been exhibited in Bristol, Berlin and Madrid.

I really hope I manage to get one of these, I adore Creo's hand crafts/cast/painted items, would be simply wonderful to add another to my collection. Also, I just adore shelf-sitting toys & had been planning to acquire some, now I have a wonderful excuse to do so!

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