Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spiki the Wolfman - Teen Wolf Variant - Mai Hiro

As any child of the 80's will tell you, Teen Wolf is awesome. So when I stumbled across the Spiki the Wolfman Teen Wolf variant, I simply had to have it. However, being limited to only 100, this was proving a little complicated. Thankfully I pop onto rotocasted 2-3times a day & someone just happened to be selling one.

Spiki is a creation by Mai Hiro(Nakanari) & the toys are manufactured by Kuso Vinyl. There are many versions(most recently Ninja ones), I'm actually considering buying the other Wolfman version, it's a subtle parody of Michael Jackson in Thriller, in his red & yellow varsity jacket. I'm still undecided & for now, I'm quite happy with my little Teen Wolf Spiki.

There is one other Teen Wolf inspired toy I'm seeking at the moment, one of the Google Android toys. He's a little beyond my price range at the moment(recently realised I really should start making some headway with my x-mas shopping), but soon he shall take his place next to Spiki, thus helping me emphasise the awesomeness that is Teen Wolf.

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