Friday, October 25, 2013

Mini Toasted Marshall - 64 Colors

So, the weekend is here, I have no money(again), so I thought it's time to blog, save myself browsing things all day that I can't afford. Loads of new toys released this week that I'm dying for, but today I just wanna share one that arrived a couple of days ago. The mini toasted Marshall by 64 Colors.

So adorable, honestly cannot wait to get more 64 colors toys, they're sickeningly cute. Hoping to hunt down the full-sized Marshall soon(only an inch bigger) & want some of the Gumdrops as well, because, well, they're adorable.
Haven't quite decided if I want other colour versions of Marshall yet, it is tempting. For now though, I settled for the 'he's been tortured but he's still smiling' version(yes, my mind works in... interesting ways). A touch of violence on my collection of 'cute' always goes well with me.

I have a couple of other toys from the week to blog about this weekend, bit of a slow toy week, but 'some' is better then 'none'. I've actually taken some time this week to focus on my art. Did a few hours of work on my computer & finally got a printer cable. Plan to spend part of my weekend scanning sketches(& possibly more computer art). If i feel confident enough, I made add a link or two to my work in my next blog. This is a good example of my life 'distractions' however. One person, trying to do a million things, so as always, I apologise for the delay between blog entries.

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